Not all heroes wear capes

(This will be my second anthology i’m working on. It will be much shorter short stories than i typically write. I’m going to publish a new short story under this title every few days (or hopefully as frequent as possible) my goal would be to publish them all under the book title: Not all Heroes […]

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The talk show- Flux

(Still in editing phase.) “Ok, well,” started a female host after a brief daze. “Let’s get right to the point shall we,” she said feeling an uneasiness in her stomach that caused an unknown anxiety she couldn’t pinpoint. Something felt oddly familiar about all this. “You are here to share some news with us. Since […]

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Sorry i’m still MIA

I really am sorry everyone! I hope to get back to work on this blog here soon. I am almost done my Anthology, once it’s done, i have a crew that will do the editing and story flow. Then i get to go back and adjust as i see fit. Then i’m ready to submit […]

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Lithseyum Book 1. Ch. 6&7

I couldn’t find a good image for a metal Ent. If you haven’t noticed, each featured image i have posted under Lithseyum is a representation of the Ent’s in my world of Rithika. Again, i don’t have the time to do my own illustrations. Sorry. If you look at my Fire Ent tribe, that is […]

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Abolished sin

Abolished Sin By: Dann Labryth Edited by: Rod Naugler Here it is, the edited version of Abolished Sin. I removed the previous version as it was riddled with errors and confusing plot nonsense. I would like to thank Rod, the father of 6, and University student, for taking what little time he does have and […]

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Edited work

I just wanted to say. I understand that my work needs much editing. Trust me, i’ve been trying. I am going to start updating my work with edited versions, by Rod Naugler, who i would like to thank for his generosity and time. I hope you enjoy what your reading, and again, i would like […]

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Taken Before Life

This is Ch. 1 in Taken before life, the rest will have to be read through the actual book. Thanks for reading. Taken Before Life By: Dann Labryth Age: 90 Year: 2103 The morning breeze quietly rolled the light mist over the large acres of green grass. The morning dew clung to the thousands of […]

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